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Phil Christofanelli, past student at Washington University, took a course at UMSL, “Introduction to Labor Studies,” and was ‘taught’ by overtly socialist instructors from an extremely biased textbook. To expose the course’s radical agenda, he released recorded footage of the pro-communist course material. He has subsequently been attacked by the provost and administration of the University of Missouri. This is his story.

“I hope that the state legislature will take some initiative on this issue and work to ensure that students in our state university are not subjected to Communist Party recruitment and instruction in illegal tactics during class.”  – Philip Christofanelli


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Eagle-pinned Graduate! http://www.efcollegians.org/eagle-pinned-graduate/ http://www.efcollegians.org/eagle-pinned-graduate/#comments Sat, 09 Jul 2011 02:55:54 +0000 http://www.efcollegians.org/2011/07/08/eagle-pinned-graduate/ Friday, July 8th, 2011

Former intern Rachel Wisdom recently graduated from Washington University in Saint Louis.  She sent in her picture with her cap, gown, and golden Eagle Forum eagle pin!  Congratulations, Rachel!  We are proud of you!



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Immigration Reform: Where do we go from here? http://www.efcollegians.org/immigration-reform-where-do-we-go-from-here/ http://www.efcollegians.org/immigration-reform-where-do-we-go-from-here/#comments Fri, 01 Jul 2011 21:05:16 +0000 http://www.efcollegians.org/2011/07/01/immigration-reform-where-do-we-go-from-here/ July 01, 2011

Congress is considering a reform bill H.R. 2164 to supposedly combat illegal immigration. Is the bill too permissive? Does it undermine the states?

Watch these two videos about immigration reform to find out more.

Kris Kobach – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3eusj0Bn8QQ

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H.R. 2164 http://www.efcollegians.org/hr-2164/ http://www.efcollegians.org/hr-2164/#comments Wed, 29 Jun 2011 19:32:36 +0000 http://www.efcollegians.org/2011/06/29/hr-2164/ June 29, 2011


H.R. 2164 sounds beneficial to the fight against illegal immigration, as the bill claims to nationally mandate E-Verify, but it inhibits states from taking necessary action against businesses hiring illegal aliens. Under H.R. 2164, states are exempted from requiring the use of E-Verify on non-government employees. States cannot invalidate the business lincenses of employers who hire illegal immigrants unless the Secretary of Homeland Security presents “convincing evidence” that the employer knew of his/her employee’s illegal status. 

States are now following the example of Arizona’s Legal Arizona Workers Act, which the Supreme Court ruled as constitutional. States are more likely to pass legislation requiring E-Verify than the Obama Admin. is to enforce a national mandate. After Arizona implemented their law, thousands of illegal immigrants left the state, with no cost to citizens since there was no gov. deportation. 

Also, H.R. 2164 should be amended to encourage states to enforce E-Verify and other immigration laws.

(Check out Phyllis Schlafly’s article “Lamar Smith’s E-Verify Bill Must Be Amended.”)

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Alexander Hamilton http://www.efcollegians.org/alexander-hamilton/ http://www.efcollegians.org/alexander-hamilton/#comments Tue, 28 Jun 2011 21:12:39 +0000 http://www.efcollegians.org/2011/06/28/alexander-hamilton/ HamiltonIf you are looking for a thorough and perceptive biography of the man who was called “the American Mephistopheles” by his enemies, then Ron Chernow’s examination of Alexander Hamilton’s life and work is indispensable. His book is a pleasure to read and should be informative for both the Revolutionary War aficionado and the layman.

Chernow argues convincingly that of all the larger-than-life figures of the period, no one person influenced America’s path more than Hamilton: “Hamilton had promoted a forward-looking agenda for a modern nation-state with a market economy and an affirmative view of central government…Elitist [the Federalists] might be, but they were an open, fluid elite, based on merit and money, not on birth and breeding…it was the northern economic system that embodied the mix of democracy and capitalism that was to constitute the essence of America in the long run.”

Indeed, it was Hamilton who, more than anyone else of comparable stature, helped establish the peculiarly American idea that one’s origins are not nearly as important as one’s talents and actions. Having escaped the stigma of illegitimacy and an impoverished childhood in the West Indies, he distinguished himself in the Revolutionary War as Washington’s right-hand man. Hamilton played an important role in drafting the Constitution and defended it brilliantly, both in his Federalist Papers and his economic policies under Washington. Hamilton left to America a strong federal government, a vastly improved economy, and the beginnings of a powerful military force.

Although often accused by his opponents of supporting the rich and aristocratic, Hamilton’s policies helped make the U.S. a meritocracy. Hamilton’s two greatest political enemies, Jefferson and Madison, both came from wealthy, elite families and never managed to wholly repudiate slavery, whereas Hamilton supported abolition during his entire adult life.

Like many politicians, Hamilton proved to be his own undoing. His excessive need to “defend his honor” led him to challenge his accusers to duels on several occasions, which ultimately led to his fatal encounter with Aaron Burr at age 49.

Chernow’s biography depicts a brilliant but flawed man who stands out even among the luminaries of his time. Perhaps more than any of the other Founding Fathers, Hamilton appears to us “in two guises: as both sublime and ordinary, selfless and selfish, heroic and humdrum.” In the final analysis, his character and achievements tip the scale towards the former guise, to which the unfailing love and devotion of his wife and children attest. Talleyrand, the French ambassador to America during the 1790s, considered Hamilton the greatest political figure of his age, and, after reading this monumental work, one might well agree with him.

(Penguin Press, 2004, 818 pps, $18)

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2013 Program http://www.efcollegians.org/2013-program/ http://www.efcollegians.org/2013-program/#comments Tue, 24 May 2011 23:49:38 +0000 http://www.efcollegians.org/2011/05/24/2013-program/ Click here to view our terrific 2013 program!

Click the YouTube link below to see a short trailer from our 2013 Summit:



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Agenda: Grinding America Down http://www.efcollegians.org/agenda-grinding-america-down/ http://www.efcollegians.org/agenda-grinding-america-down/#comments Wed, 04 May 2011 01:02:18 +0000 http://www.efcollegians.org/2011/05/03/agenda-grinding-america-down/ agendaThe documentary video that won the $100,000 Grand Prize at the San Antonio Christian Film Festival was Agenda: Grinding America Down. The story behind its production is that back in 1992 a college student named Curtis Bowers snuck into a Communist meeting at the University of California in Berkeley. He listened to the wideranging plans of the Commies to take over America from within. Bowers sized them up as unrealistic and impractical, and he decided he didnít need to worry about their far-out plans. Fifteen years later, Curtis Bowers was a new member of the Idaho State Legislature and it suddenly hit him how drastically American culture has changed along the lines of the goals he heard laid out in that 1992 Communist meeting. Those goals included infiltrating the media, schools, colleges, and even churches with Communist propaganda, plus a plan to use the environmental movement to tie up business with red tape and regulations. When Bowers wrote a letter to the editor of his local newspaper about his observations, he ignited a firestorm. That spurred Bowers into action, and he spent the next two years reading hundreds of books, articles and speeches about Communist plans and tactics. The result of his research is the video called  Agenda: Grinding America Down. The documentary starts with a quote from Joseph Stalin: “America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.” The video explains the origins of Communism, its relationship to Socialism and the socalled “progressive” groups. The video has many interesting interviews with prominent authorities who show the connections between the various Communist, Socialist and progressive organizations, and how they implement their agenda.  Movieguide calls this video “brilliant for its clarity and well-researched understanding of the issues.” You can see the trailer of this educaitonal film at agendadocumentary.com.
(Black Hat Films, 2010. 93 minutes, agendadocumdntary.com, $18)
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10 Truths About Socialism http://www.efcollegians.org/10-truths-about-socialism/ http://www.efcollegians.org/10-truths-about-socialism/#comments Wed, 04 May 2011 00:07:15 +0000 http://www.efcollegians.org/2011/05/03/10-truths-about-socialism/ 10_truthsWe are told that Americans don’t read much any more. Newspapers are dying and we get our information from the Internet. Perhaps it’s time to remember the way political issues were written for mass consumption back in 1964. That was a definitive year in U.S. politics; it was the year Barry Goldwater and his dedicated supporters invented the modern conservative movement. They bypassed the propaganda of the mainstream media with small, inexpensive paperbacks that sold tens of millions of copies: None Dare Call It Treason by John Stormer, A Choice Not An Echo by Phyllis Schlafly, and A Texan Looks at Lyndon by J. Evetts Haley. Eager voters were buying them in 1,000-book shipments at 10 cents a copy. The snooty intelligentia sneered at them as just pamphlets, but conservatives were copying the tactics of the most effective paperback in history, Tom Paine’s Common Sense, which convinced wavering Americans in 1776 to give up on the king and go for independence. Coral Ridge Ministries has given us a useful little paperback called 10 Truths About Socialism. Now that Stanley Kurtz’s book Radical-in-Chief has copiously documented the fact that President Obama is transforming America into Socialism, Americans should find out what Socialism is, how to recognize it, and why we must reject it. Socialism was supposed to be dead, or at least dying, when the Union of Soviet Socialist countries fell apart in 1990. Yet in February 2009, the cover of Newsweek boldly proclaimed, “We’re All Socialists Now.” That isn’t true, of course — that was merely what the Socialists and liberals hoped. This pocket-sized book called 10 Truths About Socialism relates how Socialism has failed every time it has been tried, from the Christian Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock in 1620 to today’s Venezuela under Hugo Chavez. This book concisely explains how the philosophies of Jean Jacques Rousseau, Karl Marx and others paved the way for both the Nazi and Communist versions of Socialism, which are responsible for the deaths of more than 100 million people in the 20th century. Socialism’s insistence on the primacy of the state over individuals and families and churches is at odds with man’s very nature. As the Jamestown and Plymouth Rock colonial settlers back in the 1600s learned and recorded for history, people work much harder when they are allowed to keep the fruit of their labors, and they resent providing for those who refuse to work. Unfortunately, public opinion surveys show that many young people in the 18- to 29-year-old age group have a positive reaction to the word Socialism. Perhaps that’s because of the infiltration of “social justice” teaching into our schools and colleges. “Social justice” is the false doctrine propagated by Barack Obamas friend, Bill Ayers; it teaches that poor people in the United States live in an oppressive, unjust and racist country, and they should join community organizers to overthrow the private enterprise system and adopt Socialism. Envy is the driving engine of Socialism, which leads inevitably to spreading the poverty around and imposing tyrannical government. Ten Truths is a useful little paperback that gives the reader talking points and quotes to show that Socialism is at war with the family, with religion, with our Constitution, and with individual liberty.
(Fort Lauderdale, Coral Ridge Ministries, 2010, 157 pp., $15)

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Radical-in-Chief: Barack Obama and the Untold Story of American Socialism http://www.efcollegians.org/radical-in-chief-barack-obama-and-the-untold-story-of-american-socialism/ http://www.efcollegians.org/radical-in-chief-barack-obama-and-the-untold-story-of-american-socialism/#comments Tue, 03 May 2011 23:39:14 +0000 http://www.efcollegians.org/2011/05/03/radical-in-chief-barack-obama-and-the-untold-story-of-american-socialism/ radical-in-chief    Barack Obama’s two years at Columbia University are lessknown to the American public than any other part of his life. The New York Times called them a “lost chapter” of the President’s life. He refused to discuss those years during his presidential campaign, to release transcripts, or even to name friends. Scholar Stanley Kurtz has done an exhaustive and fascinating job of original research in hitherto unread archives to discover the facts about those years. He proves that the “evidence clearly indicates that the President of the United States is a Socialist.”
    Obama’s conversion to Socialism came on April 1, 1983 when, at age 21, he attended a “Socialist Scholars Conference” in the historic Great Hall of Manhattan’s Cooper Union. The important morning session, devoted to community organizing, featured Frances Fox Piven. That 1983 conference transformed his life: it committed him not only to Socialism but to stealth-Socialism and a vocationas a community organizer. The message of Socialism fell on fertile soil because Obama’s childhood mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, had been a member of the Communist Party. Kurtz unravels the significance of those Columbia years and shows how they provided Obama with a road map for his career. After graduation, Obama learned the strategies and tacitcs of Saul Alinsky, the famous Chicago radical, where he learned how to build stealth into his profession as a community organizer. Kurtz showed how the Midwest Academy, a Socialist front group, was another hidden key to Obama’s political career. In this book, we read the details of Obama’s close working relationship with ACORN and SEIU Local 880. Kurtz shows how an important element of Obama’s political strategy was his alliance with the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. That’s why Obama featured Wright’s “audacity of hope” theme in his career-making keynote address at the 2004 Democratic National Convention and also made it the title of his second book. Obama’s meteoric political rise depended at every turn on support and funding from Chicago’s Socialist community. Kurtz explains how it was the strategy of stealth-Socialist community organizers to disguise their long-term goal to transform capitalist America into a massive welfare state. That’s what Obama meant when he said he wanted to “fundamentally transform the United States” and when he told Joe thePlumber his goal was to “spread the wealth around.” 
    Despite Stanley Kurtz’s scholarly approach, with 73 small-print pages of documentation, this is a very readable book. In fact, it’s a book all Americans should read if they want to know how Obama’s Socialist past and commitment explain the real meaning of his current policies and plans for our future.
(New York, Threshold, Simon & Schuster, 2010, 485 pp., $27)
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University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire http://www.efcollegians.org/university-of-wisconsin-eau-claire/ http://www.efcollegians.org/university-of-wisconsin-eau-claire/#comments Sat, 23 Apr 2011 02:19:46 +0000 http://www.efcollegians.org/2011/04/22/university-of-wisconsin-eau-claire/ April 22, 2011

Phyllis recently had a speaking engagement at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire.  Here are some pictures of her with the students!




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